​​Thaïs Sherell... "Agent of Change"

"Thaïs is an author, educator, artist, and motivational speaker passionate about community transformation and conflict resolution."

Thaïs embodies a diverse array of skills from multiple sectors which she passionately showcases in all of her projects. Her projects holistically combine education, business and spiritual guide posts to effectively bring awareness to community concerns and introduce alternative conflict resolutions. Dedicated to community transformation, Thaïs developed and managed partnerships with Parkchester Multicultural Association, Bronx Council for the Arts, Episcopal Social Services, the New York Public Library, the Yankees Foundation, the Latino Pastoral Action Center, and Material for the Arts to combine talent and resources to identify and address community needs.
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Prior to earning her Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Thaïs was the executive director for MAC Creations P.O.P. Arts Inc. (MCPA), an inner-city non-profit organization founded to combat the effects of poverty, drug abuse, dysfunctional homes and inadequate education. At MCPA Thaïs combined her social, creative and business knowledge to develop programs that would effectively bring visual awareness to community concerns and introduce alternative conflict resolutions. Serving in the role of executive director, Thaïs Sherell served as spokesperson for family preservation, community partnership and wholesome entertainment. She wrote press releases, editorials, brochures, speeches and news articles in addition to creating television programs, plays, movies and public service announcements to promote positive change. She was heralded and quoted for such efforts in The Bronx Times, The New York Carib News, Bronx News 12, Scope Magazine, Bronx Talk AM and radio programs and television broadcasts. It was these efforts that attracted the attention of Oprah Winfrey’s staff in 2006 when Thaïs developed the Bronx N-Spired Film Festival. The festival presented films by Bronx locals on social issues such as drugs, rape and the pressures of single parenthood. The goal of this three day event was for the films to provide lessons and role models for the people in the Bronx and those in need of help.
Thaïs went on to perform extensive constituent outreach in Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo's and Council Member Annabel Palma’s districts where she developed creative programming to strategically aid their communities and “impact” schools such as MS201 S.T.A.R. Academy and MS302 Luisa Deseus Cruz School located in the South Bronx. It was in these educational facilities that she developed programs combining technology, education and the creative arts to challenge and motivate youth.
In 2015, after the release of her book, One Awesome School, Thaïs was invited to facilitate a workshop at the 22nd Westfield Awareness Expo, an annual EXPO event that invites professional educators and community members to experience topics important to special education.

​2017 saw the arrival of Between the Pages: Where trials become TRIUMPH!. In this compelling nonfiction work, Thaïs explores the plight of women who have endured much in silence - women with lips pressed tight as they've  stifled tears in the darkness -  prisoners by memories they dared not share before until now. So it is with great delicacy that Thaïs accounts the life of one brave woman, HIV/AIDS advocate and artist, Joyce Ann McDonald, sharing her story which transcends from a life of low self-esteem, drug and sexual abuse, to ordained minister, NYS chaplain, and world renowned speaker and testimonial artist. 

​As an advocate and speaker of life, Thaïs does not stop here, but continues to find ways to engage others in a manner that will create the change that she wants to see.